My name is Trina Lovio and I am an Academic Coach at an elementary school in California. My job allows me to work with students and staff members in grades TK-IMG_19946. I thoroughly enjoy modeling and observing lessons in classrooms. The students energize me. I find their perspectives and growth possibilities inspiring. The teachers I get to work with are amazing. I have learned so much by being able to watch my colleagues in action.

Prior to becoming an Academic Coach, I taught for 13 years in a variety of settings and grades. Each grade level and school setting offered new perspectives in the educational process. I also worked one year as a district TOSA. This allowed me to learn from mentor teachers and administrators at 18 elementary schools.

My goal is to never grow stagnate. I’m always looking to improve myself as an educator as well as a human being.

On a personal note, I have a loving husband who is not only my best friend, but also a colleague. He is a principal who inspires me with his positive attitude. I also have four children. My children continue to surprise, encourage, delight, and humble me on a daily basis.



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